Achieving Operational Excellency: A Case Study in Optimizing Performance

Better Visibility, Better Performance: Achieving Operational Excellency

Project info

Category: Marketing Operations
Helping our clients map and implement marketing processes.
Our Strategies
Client needed to improve tracking to providing clear understanding of attribution sources for new leads and tracking leads from qualification through close.
Provided Offline conversion tracking and optimized Google Ads restructuring. Mapped and implemented marketing operations processes for more precise ad campaigns and improved sales performance.
Our Challenges
With ad spends underproducing, our client turned to Manticore Marketing to better understand their customer data and better direct their ad dollars. The result was accelerated ROAS growth.

Implementing A Tracking And Analytics Foundation That Drives Profitable Ad Campaigns

Our client had a problem, they were spending a significant amount each month on Google Ads but couldn't quantify their return. The platform showed a fair amount of conversions but a closer look showed that these were not high value actions, so the real return in terms of sales generated was difficult to calculate.

The company decided to implement Salesforce as a CRM and tasked Manticore Marketing with a consultation mandate to help set up the software and the processes behind it. They also turned to Manticore for Google Ads management to improve campaign performance while tightening their budget and looking for expert advice on where to make cuts.

Getting The Job Done And Driving Positive Results

Manticore assisted the client in modeling their Sales and Marketing processes for capturing and categorizing prospects in Salesforce, from the Lead Stage through the Opportunity Stage and set up Offline Conversion Tracking inside Google Ads to send valuable lead quality data back to the ad platform in real time.

By making adjustments to ad campaign settings and tracking configurations using tools like Callrail, Zapier, GA4, and Google Tag Manager, the client gained pinpoint visibility into their conversions and was able to understand which leads that came from Google Ads were qualified, which weren't, and how to adjust.

The results speak for themselves

  • ROAS increased over 8 times from 4 to over 30
  • Lead Quality improved from 25% qualified to 55%
  • Cost Per Qualified Lead dropped over 50%
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