May 17, 2024

Chat GPT: How to Generate Authentic, Engaging Content with Ease

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Here's how to use chat GPT to help you create more, and how to go a step further with it so that it reads like a real human being with a point of view on it.

Let's go right into the exact series of prompts used to get there.

First, we have to start with generating a powerful list of topics that will help Google see you as a true authority in your niche, otherwise known as a topical map then understand how you create entire outlines in seconds. We're going to turn those outlines into fully written articles and pages that already sound like a person wrote them and finally, we're going to layer in your unique perspective to make them shine.

So in chat GPT this is where we're going to start by coming up with that topical map, otherwise known as a list of topics that when you write about all of them on your website. Google is going to see that and put it all together and say this website is an authority in its niche because it covers the overall topic so thoroughly.

This definitely helps if you're using GPT-4, it's a lot more powerful than 3.5 but does cost 20 bucks a month so whatever you can afford to do just start there. GPT-4o was also just released which is even faster and better than GPT-4.

We are going to type in this prompt below:

“Give me 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under the main category of “Blank”, and for each, give me 10 different variations of the topic that each address a different seach intent Make it in table format with the following columns: Column 1: The unique semantically related topic, Column 2: the different variations on it, Column 3: An intriguing, clickbait-style title.”

This prompt will come up with all the subtopics that you should be talking about in your industry, we've got the 30 subtopics but then for each, we want 10 different variations of that addressing a different search intent, “how do I do this” and “why do I do this” those kind of questions and then we are just asking for it to be presented to me in an easy-to-read table format including an intriguing clickbait style title for your article as well so it kind of does all the work for us there, and also gives you all the topics and the titles..

Okay so the example we used, “Car Detailing” and now it's coming up with all these different variations on that including the titles and it's just going to do this for all of them now.

It may get stuck and in that case, you'll just have to type in continue and then it'll keep going.

It looks like we've got some good stuff, it's still giving you all the same content that you asked for but once you've got your columns, now it's time to turn all of these ideas, all these titles into the individual outlines for you to start writing and here's how you get that outline.

Picking one here. “Interior Detailing”

Just copy the title, including the quotes, and type in:

“Now create an outline for an article: "Transform Your Car's Interior with These Detailing Hacks!" Write it as a professional car cleaning professional and write it for suburban homeowners between 30-55 years old”.

If you don't ask it to do that, it's just going to write it with no point of view. Just like the way someone would research something and then write about it, so you're asking it to take on the persona of a car cleaner, and then you're asking it to write for your ideal client so in this case maybe it's suburban homeowners between 30 and 55 years old.

If there is something that is generated that you don't like, it’s not hitting the right points or you want to replace it with something else, all you have to do is chat with it.

It's called Chat-GPT for a reason.

Chat with it and say “hey I don't like this point, replace it with this” or if it just seems too thin to be helpful you can add in extra points here if you want to.

Now we just need to ask it to actually write the article for us. We just put in the prompt:

“Now write the article in a casual helpful tone, and insert personal anecdotes if they help illustrate a point. Include H2’s and H3’s as needed, and expand on key points or add more if needed to hit at least 1000 words”

Insert whatever adjectives you want there to be, you can actually even ask it to write as somebody else like “The Detail Geek” and insert personal anecdotes if they help illustrate a point so that's going to bring in some stories, they're going to be fake stories because they're made by Chat-GPT but that's your signal to kind of replace those stories with your own, then include H2S and H3s as needed.

Those are just the sub-headlines and expand on key points or add more of them if needed to hit at least a thousand words. What’s important is we don't want to go for thin content, that's not going to do you much good you definitely want to go for at least a thousand words in your article. Asking it to write with a specific voice in mind will right away make it read much more human but you'll still want to manually review each article and add personal stories you know or your own expert opinions and unique experiences to set your content apart from the rest with AI out there.

With AI  there's already a flood of generic content, most people will just copy paste exactly what chat-GPT spits out which is their mistake but your advantage because now you know better.

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